Rhythmic, electrical, modern jazz perfectly fusioned with sounds of Afro, Funk, Reggae and World Music. You feel like a time traveller on a trip to the new dimensions of modern jazz. Chris Bottomley blows up your mind with his Cerebral Lubrication!"
 ” - Carl Flisch reviewed "Cerebral Lubrication"

— Radio Crazy Multi-Channel Internet Radio Service – Switzerland

“(He) mysteriously transcends, through pulsating spongy reggae, afro-latin tinged space rock, sampled sound bites, some mighty Moog workouts, blues, downtempo, environmental soundscapes, acoustic jams, world rhythmic jazz, shades of house, township sounds, sonic experimentation, dub, rock.”  I love this record, my mates love this record, my mates' mums and dads love this record."
 ” - DJ Excavator reviewed "Cerebral Lubrication"

— Sense-Aestherica - United Kingdom

The new urban African heart beat. Genuine and inspired superhighway music taking us directly inside the 70's, and you can choose the Jamaican or Brazilian exit." ” - Scazzola Giovanni Pietro reviewed "Cerebral Lubrication"

— Radio Gold Popular Network, Barletta, Italy.

Bottomley is a bass player and percussionist with a three-pronged fixation on jazz, funk and dub. This two-CD album is a sprawling, spacey collection of jams, some refreshingly alien-sounding" ” - Benjamin Boles reviewed "Cerebral Lubrication"

— NOW Magazine

“A pure trip, in the best sense of the word, and something you really ought to experience."

— Zeitgeist Webzine - Edinburgh, U.K.

Knotty Bits has as many grooves as Stevie Wonder's record collection... a heady trip indeed."
” - Brent Hagerman reviewed "Knotty Bits"

Exclaim Magazine - Toronto, Canada

Chris Bottomley might be the Little Richard of Toronto hybrid funk"
” - Lenny Stout reviewed "Brainfudge"

— Toronto Star, CANADA

I've got to say that Chris Bottomley's release "BRAINFUDGE" is one of the most inventive and imaginative releases i have heard this year"
 ” - Eric Cohen loves "Brainfudge"

— WAER Jazz 88 USA


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