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Here I am emerging from out of the forest darkness into the light for 2024. 

Wishing you a fantastic and healthy year ahead. 

If you came to a show this year, THANK YOU for supporting LIVE MUSIC and musicians! 

I look forward to sharing more songs with you in 2024.


* 2023 was a year of releasing some new singles, recording sessions, putting finishing touches on my next albums and navigating what to do next. 

I shared some unreleased songs from Grant Avenue Studio Sessions in the early 90's on social media and received great response, so will be releasing some of those tracks this year.

I was fortunate to collaborate with singer Kathryn Rose on the release of our single "Pull It Together" and work with Russ Goozee on "Lonely Days", which made it onto the "Songs From The Hill" compilation CD. These and other songs can be found in the STORE section on the website. *


Hope to see you at a show in 2024!




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    Get To This, Get To That (Supermarket Live 2007)

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