Tulpa was a tight, progressive, rock band with a DIY punk attitude. This was out first full length vinyl album. We borrowed the money to record it, produced it by ourselves and licensed it out to Midnight Music (UK), who released it in 1984.

Produced by TULPA Recorded at Sounds Interchange & Wellesley Studios, Toronto Engineers: Scott Boyling & Jeff McCulloch Mastered at McClear Place by Corby Luke, Toronto Cover Painting by Joe Manitowabi

Chris Bottomley - Bass & Vocals John Bottomley - Guitar & Vocals Mike Severin - Drums & Vocals Nic Gotham - Alto Sax Tom Walsh - Trombone

Many thanks to Hilly Crystal, CKLN, CKCU, Daniel Richler, Tony Wannamaker, Sue Bottomley, Mike Bush, Frank Koka, Mike Banhart, Susan Walker, Eric Beldowski, Noble House, the greatest comedy troupe ever - Sledgehammer Pie, John, Kev and Neil. Nick M (keys), Fleur G, Kyle Wagner, Kris Wagner, Mike Dent, Ralph, Gary Topp, the dancing, drinking Klowns - Julie Asterisk, Jennifer Capraru, John Tench, Susie Strange, Polly Groen, Ursala and John, Susan D, Phil Furge, Dennis Huard, Marty Coles, Kevin Bottomley, Paul Bottomley, George Guerra , all the Moms and Dads , families and everyone who helped in the exsistance of this power pop punk trio. Once again a BIg thank you from all of us I`m sure to all of you.

Sincerly Tulpa.

The hidden track #10 is included here - a horn duet by Nic Gotham & Tom Walsh.

The original artist's artwork for Mosaic Fish is displayed here - the European label we licensed the album to in 1985 - Midnight Music - changed the vinyl release art from yellow to bronze.

We hope you like the songs as much as we did playing them.

Rock on!

Chris Bottomley, John Bottomley (RIP) & Mike Severin

REVIEW "Unable to settle, Tulpa move continually, nimbly and nervily around an axis of battered pop fundaments and crude bop, eating a way out from the inside, streamlined and precocious. A suburb of sound , and a new development worth visiting, Tulpa have got what we take."

Ralph Traitor - Sounds Magazine UK

"One of the best live acts i've ever seen" Hilly Krystal - CBGB Owner

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