An unreleased track from "Live at CBGB". "Wolves' is arguably John's best song from around this period. We never did get a good studio recording of it, so here is the live version recorded on a famous stage. Many thanks to Hilly Krystal (RIP).

John Bottomley - Guitar & Vox Chris Bottomley - Bass Mike Severin - Drums Recorded by Ronald Ardito (RIP) Mixed by Ronald Ardito and Tulpa

REVIEW From Blog TO COMM Posted by Christopher Stigliano Wednesday, July 18, 2007 Various Artists-CBGB RECORDED LIVE OFF THE BOARD (red and yellow label CDs) (CBGB/Portrait Japan)

"Strangely enough my faves on this platter are the offerings by Jing and Tulpa...An even bigger surprise (than Jing) were Tulpa, a group that cluttered up many a CBGB gig listing in the mid-eighties opening shows for the likes of Michelle Shocked, Living Colour and (most importantly!) Binky Philips and the strangest thing about it is that they ain't even from En Why See but Toronto! That's in Canada and when I asked Bruce Mowat what he thought about 'em he seemed utterly surprised that I would wanna pay attention to such an act in the first place! I guess it's time for me to turn in my membership to the Imants Krumins Fan Club for making such a fox pas, but sheesh, I really dig them guys! Well, I gotta say that with tracks such as "Wolves" (a nice slow creeper that recalls everything from Pink Floyd to Harry Toledo's "Knots") and "Myrtle Street" (early-seventies guitar jangle that owes more'n a passing resemblance to Simply Saucer's "Bulletproof Nothing") how could I ignore 'em! I didn't care for the album that Midnight in England (as opposed to the New York outlet) released about a year before they made all those New York treks, but after giving these numbuhs a go I'm more'n apt to give that 'un another spin. I'm also on the lookout for the entire tape from whence these tracks were culled...should be another surprise winner here at BLOG TO COMM central! Tulpa also have a Myspace page which you might wanna look out for in case this review jangled your neurons even in the slightest."

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