TULPA Promo Cassette Release 1987


Promo demo tracks recorded at Phase One in Toronto, with Glenn Milchem (Blue Rodeo) on Drums. Nice to hear "27 Years", which was never released, and alternate mixes of all three.

"In Solitude" and "She Lay Down By The Water" were eventually released on John's "Library of the Sun" solo album so they would see the light of day and not just sit there collecting dust. The mixes heard here are slightly different than the ones released. You can hear an alternate piano part played by Stephen Jameson on "She Lay Down" and there is no violin part by Hugh Marsh - he was brought in shortly after this demo version was done. "Solitude" features John at his wordy best, this song inspired by our travels on the road and beyond. "Where you going with that guitar boy" uttered by a US border patrol guard to John as we were navigating entry to the US once.

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