Bright Eye Day

Chris Bottomley

Funk, rock, sweet reggae vibes, dub, blues and more are in this new release from Crispy Bottomley - Bassmon at large.

“Bottomley's latest release "Bright Eye Day" comes out of chaos, emotional upheaval, tragedy and hope.

Featuring longtime Brainfudge cohorts Great Bob Scott - Donne´ Roberts - Richard Underhill - Perry White - Bryden Baird - James Gray & Jono Grant, the 14 song disc playfully gives you the funk of “My Head is Spinning”, the rocking “Rattle My Cage”, and sweet reggae vibes of “Where is the Love”.

LIST OF CREDITS for Brainfudge! “Bright Eye Day”

Produced by Chris Bottomley & Jono Grant Engineered by Jono Grant, Brian Hewson, Bryden Baird & Crispy B Mixed by Jono Grant & Crispy B at Victory Drive Music Mastered by Jono Grant. Recorded at Victory Drive Music, Escarpment Sound, Bryden’s Audio Massage Theatre & Psychotropic Sound from May to Dec 2012, January to July 2013 Words & Music by Chris Bottomley © & Publishing Chris Bottomley 2013 (SOCAN)

Design & Layout by Kristen Wagner Front Cover Photos by Crispy B Inside sleeve photos by Fee Gunn

All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying and distribution is a violation of applicable laws. Made in Canada. A Partly Bent Records Production Distributed by

Contact: PO Box 65017 RPO Chester, Toronto, ON M4K 3Z2 Web: E-Mail:

This recording was made possible with the financial assistance of the Toronto Arts Council & Ontario Arts Council. The Ontario Arts Council is an Agency of the Government of Ontario.

In Memorandum to Brainfudge Member James Gray 1960 – 2013 who passed on during the making of this record. A wizard on the keys, he will be missed.

Love and gratitude to:

Jono Grant, Bryden Baird, Ian Menzies, PS Kensington, Shamez, CIUT, CBC Radio, Jay Cleary, Sebastian Cook, Kristen Wagner, Larry Steele (for loaning me his guitar to write with) Sam & Nikki at The Painted Lady, George Guerra (for technical support) Gary Topp, Kurt Swinghammer, Sev Micron @ Muzicare Productions, Derek Christie, Elmira Nezirevic, Don @Escarpment Sound, Jazz-FM, Dubmatix, Andrew MacPherson, Johnny Trelawny, Greg @The Supermarket, The Lula Lounge, Cory Siddall, Wu’s Tai Chi Chu’an Academy, The Tuesday Night Hootenanny Club, Steve York, Ruth Kavanagh, Paul Bottomley, Kevin Bottomley, Veronique Morency, Kristen Wagner, Jean Manson, Fee Gunn, Yorkshire Family & Friends, The Black Forest in Lahr, Germany, Lakes, Rivers & Forests, the Sky & Universe, kaleidoscopes everywhere, fractal imagery, the microscopic world, nebulas, and last, but not least, the fine people of Toronto, Canada

RATTLE MY CAGE (C. Bottomley) CB – Fuzz Bass, Guitar, Lead & Backing Vocals Great Bob Scott – Drums Jono Grant - Guitars

LOST IN A FUNK (C. Bottomley) Chris Bottomley – Bass, Lead & Backing Vocals Great Bob Scott – Drums Donne´ Roberts – Guitar Jono Grant – Hammond Organ Richard Underhill – Alto Sax

WHERE IS THE LOVE (C. Bottomley) CB – Bass & Vocals Donne Roberts – Guitars GBS - Drums & Effects James Gray – Hammond Organ, Clavinet Jono Grant – Fender Rhodes

GOLDEN DAZE (C. Bottomley, J. Grant) CB – Lead & Backing Vocals, Atmospherics, Bass Great Bob Scott – Drums Bryden Baird – Flugelhorn Jono Grant – Ambient Sounds, Piano

DELIRIOUS (C. Bottomley) Chris Bottomley – Bass, Lead & Backing Vocals, Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitars Jono Grant – Synth, Backing Vocals Davide Direnzo – Drums Perry White - Flute

SOME PEOPLE SAY (C. Bottomley) CB – Lead & Backing Vocals, Djembe, Whistles, Bass Great Bob Scott – Drums Richard Underhill – Saxophones Bryden Baird - Trumpet Donne´ Roberts – Guitar

BOOTY CALL PROTOCOL (C. Bottomley) CB – Bass, Lead & Backing Vocals Donne Roberts – Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals, Lead Guitar Great Bob Scott – Drums Jono Grant – Clavinet Perry White – Baritone Sax

CRISPY DUB (C. Bottomley, R. Underhill) CB – Bass, Loop, Guitar Rich Underhill – Saxophonics Jono Grant - Atmospherics

BRIGHT EYE DAY (C. Bottomley) Chris Bottomley – Bass, Lead & Backing Vocals, Guitar Great Bob Scott – Drums Donne´ Roberts – Guitar James Gray – Hammond Organ Richard Underhill – Alto Sax, Baritone Sax Bryden Baird – Soprano Trumpet, Coronet, Flugelhorn

MY HEAD IS SPINNING (C. Bottomley) CB – Bass, Lead Vocals GBS – Drums Donne Roberts – Guitar, backing vocals James Gray – Hammond Organ

BRAZILIA (C. Bottomley) CB – Bass, Vocals, 12 string acoustic, electric guitar Perry White – Flute Jono Grant – Synthesizer, Hammond organ Great Bob Scott – Drums

ALL IN THE HEART (C. Bottomley) CB – Lead Vocal, Bass, Guitar Jono Grant – Drum Loop Perry White – Tenor Sax, Flute Bryden Baird - Trumpet Donne Roberts - Guitar

SAD TO SEE (C. Bottomley) CB – Lead Vocal, Bass, Lead & Rhythm Guitar Great Bob Scott – Drums Jono Grant – Fender Rhodes, Lead Guitar

A BETTER DAY WILL COME (C. Bottomley) CB – Lead & Backing Vocals, Bass GBS – Drums Donne Roberts – Guitars James Gray – Hammond Organ

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