NEW VIDEO - "A Better Day Will Come" (studio version)


When I wrote this song a few years back, I was on a low note. I was thinking about my life and how many times I'd been uprooted from things I love, whether it be friends or lovers; when I grew up I moved every three or four years from one continet to another, such is the life of an army brat. Being taken away from newly formed friendships was difficult every time my family moved, but it built a resilience of character and many good things and experiences came from it. I thought there is a message of hope in any situation no matter how disheartening it is.

PRODUCTION Video created by Russ Goozee and Chris Bottomley. Directed by Goozee/Bottomley. DOP - Russ Goozee (csc). Editing - Goozee/Bottomley. Camera - Russ Goozee, Chris Howell, Chris Bottomley. Shot in Toronto, Canada - March/April 2019. Video performers - Chris Bottomley, Donne Roberts & Great Bob Scott. >br> MUSIC CREDITS Song Lyrics & Music by Chris Bottomley. Mixed by Jono Grant & CB at Victory Drive Recording. >br? PERFORMED BY CB - Bass & Vocals. Donne Roberts - Guitars. James Gray (RIP) - Keyboards. Great Bob Scott - Drums.

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