Terence Sidney Joseph Bottomley - August 12/1929 - February 12/2019

 A photo of my Dad, Terry Bottomley, back in the day, when he was a proud man in uniform. Father, soldier, traveller, adventurer, spinner of tales and jolly Yorkshire humour.

I'm sad to say that he's passed away, peacefully, at 4:45 AM the morning of February 12, at the age of 89.

He had been battling Alzheimer’s the last few years.

I have nothing but love and respect for this man from Bradford, England, who emigrated to Canada on a boat in 1953, and created a life with his wife Denise, myself, and my three brothers. 

My Dad loved travelling, shows, soccer and golf, and loved being around people. He had a gentle nature, quick wit, a jolly laugh and was mischevious to no end, with the occasional angry outburst thrown in for good measure. He also had a fondness for literature and philosophy of life, with keen observations and insights.

He served in the British Army in Palestine in the 1950’s and was in the Canadian Armed Forces for 22 years, raising a family of four whilst travelling to postings in Toronto, Ottawa, London, England. Cold Lake, Alberta. and Lahr, West Germany, before finally settling down in Guelph, Canada.

I get most of my musical side from my Mom, but Dad could sing quite a tune too, and he listened to Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, Willie Nelson, The Beatles, and British crooners Max Bygraves and Harry Secombe. 

His favorite football team was Liverpool. He got all us boys into sports and I owe all my athletics to him.

He always supported my brother John and I with our musical endeavors, often loaning the forest green AMC family station wagon to our band TULPA to get to gigs on numerous occasions. Man, that thing got us to New York City, Boston, and all around Canada! He stood up for us once when our gear was unceremoniously tossed out of a club at the Army Base in Lahr, phoning the right people to get it back. 

For all that knew and loved him, his funeral will be held on Saturday, February 23 in the City of Guelph, Ontario. Here are the details.



Love you Dad,

You were the best Dad anyone could of wanted! 


Chris xo

February 12/2019