Radio Crazy Multi-Channel Internet Radio Service – Switzerland

"Rhythmic, electrical, modern jazz perfectly fusioned with sounds of Afro, Funk, Reggae and World Music. You feel like a time traveller on a trip to the new dimensions of modern jazz. Chris Bottomley blows up your mind with his Cerebral Lubrication!"

Sense-Aestherica - United Kingdom

“(He) mysteriously transcends, through pulsating spongy reggae, afro-latin tinged space rock, sampled sound bites, some mighty Moog workouts, blues, downtempo, environmental soundscapes, acoustic jams, world rhythmic jazz, shades of house, township sounds, sonic experimentation, dub, rock.” 

"I love this record, my mates love this record, my mates' mums and dads love this record."

Radio Gold Popular Network, Barletta, Italy.

"The new urban African heart beat. Genuine and inspired superhighway music taking us directly inside the 70's, and you can choose the Jamaican or Brazilian exit." 

NOW Magazine

"Bottomley is a bass player and percussionist with a three-pronged fixation on jazz, funk and dub. This two-CD album is a sprawling, spacey collection of jams, some refreshingly alien-sounding" 

Zeitgeist Webzine - Edinburgh, U.K.

“A pure trip, in the best sense of the word, and something you really ought to experience."

Exclaim Magazine - Toronto, Canada

"Knotty Bits has as many grooves as Stevie Wonder's record collection... a heady trip indeed."

Toronto Star, CANADA

"Chris Bottomley might be the Little Richard of Toronto hybrid funk"

WAER Jazz 88 USA

"I've got to say that Chris Bottomley's release "BRAINFUDGE" is one of the most inventive and imaginative releases i have heard this year"

BRAINFUDGE - Live Music Report

BRAINFUDGE - The Live Music Report

RPEM-FM Radio, Costa Brava, Spain

"There'll be no one song from this CD on our Hit List, because ALL of the songs must be played on a daily basis."

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