Knotty Bits

by Chris Bottomley

Released 2003
Partly Bent Records
Released 2003
Partly Bent Records

"Knotty Bits has as many grooves as Stevie Wonder's record collection... a heady trip indeed."

Brent Hagerman - Exclaim Magazine - Toronto, Canada
"KNOTTY BITS" is the third CD release from Canadian singer and bass player Chris Bottomley. Hailing from the colonial confines of Toronto, Chris has been on the indie scene since the 80's makin' music to move your feet heart and soul! This new CD expands on the '94 release "BRAINFUDGE" musically and lyrically but is a more personal record dealing with the universal themes of brotherhood, love, hope and betrayal.

From the joyfull reggae of "Belize City Bakin'", the brotherfunk of "Full Circle", the tropical "Floating and Drifting" to the popish "Hanging to the Riverbank" and love-torn "My Heart Beating" this record delivers on all levels to get your groove movin' and your soul shinin' and propels you further with the djembe/electronica/world driven "African Head Dub" and "Brazilian Thunder Throb".

Three years in the making, "Knotty Bits" features well known Toronto horn players Rich Underhill and Bryden Baird as well as keyboard maestro Jono Grant. Three drummers (Dean Stone/Mike Goodridge/Davide Lorenzo) rounds out the lineup.

Chris Bottomley’s latest combines every style short of classical to come up with the sweet summery sound that vodka coolers were invented for. Heavy on reggae, latin and percussion, this album is never short on variety. Bottomley is a bassist first, so the songs are rooted in a groovy rhythm that never lets the melody or the lyrics stray too far. It’s for people who are sick of the spaced-out trust fund brats at Dave Mathews shows but who haven’t yet figured out Pat Metheny.
Brent Raynor NOW MAGAZINE/June 19-25, 2003

"This record is a scorcher"
David Cintron - WPRK usa

"Great rhythms, strong artistry, excellent production and tight arrangements. Chris Bottomly is without peer."
rankin -

"This is a must have album and has been rated 10 out of 10 on the jazz syndicate radio new releases show ,,,,, well done!"
Marky Mark - Jazz syndicate radio