Cerebral Lubrication

by Chris Bottomley

Released 2003
Partly Bent Records
Released 2003
Partly Bent Records
A Double CD instrumental party record that gives you funk, reggae, soul & world rhythms for those warm summer nights
CEREBRAL LUBRICATION is a new Double CD instumental compilation from Toronto bassist CHRIS BOTTOMLEY. Sourced from his previous releases "BRAINFUDGE" & "KNOTTY BITS", this is the party record that gives you funk, reggae, soul and afro/world rhytms for those warm summer nights...

Featuring Crispy B on bass guitar, Richard Underhill on Saxophones, Odel Johnson on Reggae drums, (Mikey Dread, Michael Rose) Ken Myhr on guitar, (Cowboy Junkies) - Bottomley's bass delivers the fatness you need. This collection gives you re-mixes from his CD's; "BRAINFUDGE" & "KNOTTY BITS", some live cuts from the BAMBOO CLUB in Toronto, and some new suprises...all from a decades worth of recording! Hard to believe that all this good music comes from Chris Bottomley - bassist in Toronto, Canada.

RADIO CHARTS!!!! Canadian College Radio

CFCR(Saskatoon) - #1 top ten Jazz charts
CKUL(Lethbridge) - #2 top 30 charts
#1 top ten jazz charts
#6 top ten world charts
CJAM(Windsor) - #3 top ten jazz charts
CSCR(Toronto) - #4 top ten world charts
CFBX(kamloops) - #3 top ten jazz charts
- #13 top 30 charts
CHUO(Ottawa) - #1 top ten jazz charts
CJSW(London) - #2 top ten jazz charts


"I wonder if Canada really realizes the goldmine they have in bassist Chris Bottomley? This talented multi-instrumentalist has just released a double cd called Cerebral Lubrication which is mind-blowing and rhythmic. The emphasis on Cerebral Lubrication is live jam improvisation with eclectic mixtures of Electronica, Reggae, Fusion, Afro/World music, and plenty of good Funk music.
At first, Cerebral Lubrication was a lot to digest due to the fact that there is so much great music happening, that it took me a while to complete the cd because I kept replaying songs that moved me, like the Afro/World inspired "Brazilian Thunder Throb", and the Reggae tracks "Let's Get Together" and "Belize City Bakin'" are personal favorites. The true essence of Chris Bottomley musicianship and improvisational skills come through on the live recordings ("Chillin'", "Slinky Dub" and "Oh Hey Yeh") from the Bamboo Club.
Cerebral Lubrication is one of the hottest releases by far for 2005. It's funky, with top notch production, and just simply outstanding. Great Job!"

Reviewed By
Maurice Edwards - EOMentertainment.com (Evolution of Media)

"Rhythmic, electrical, modern jazz perfectly fusioned with sounds of Afro, Funk, Fusion, Reggae and World Music. You feel like a time traveler on a trip to the new dimensions of modern jazz. Chris Bottomley blows up your mind with his Cerebral Lubrication!"
Carl Flisch - RadioCrazy Multi-Channel Internet Radio Service

"To say that Chris Bottomley is inventive is kind of like saying the Titanic had buoyancy issues. Endlessly excellent musical style with some of the loopiest song names since Frank Zappa combine for a truly interesting individual. In fact, I'd go so far as to say there's very few in the business today more qualified to step into Zappa's musical loafers."
Clay Evans - Radio Nosferatu