Live From The Supermarket in Toronto - "Seize The Day"


New Photos by Fee Gunn

Saturday November 25th at Hugh's Room

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Fall Greetings and Salutations!

After a beautiful weekend of giving thanks with family and friends, I'd like to share this most recent video with you, another in our series live from The Lula Lounge. This particular piece is an improv composition by Bottomley, Johnson, Roberts, Scott und Underhill. It always leads to something special on stage, this time captured on video by DP/Camera Russ Goozee, and cameraman Blain Thrush. Ably edited with a live feel by Ron White. Thanks to Don Vandenheuvel for Live Mic Recording & Howard Laurie for Board Mix.

Thank you ALL, a great team!

Please come to my next show/taping at The Lula Lounge on Friday November 3



Golden Daze video arrives in June!




Song "Golden Daze" from Bottomley's CD "Bright Eye Day"


Created by Russ Goozee and Chris Bottomley
DP - Russ Goozee
Editing - Bottomley/Goozee
Colour Timing - Roman Lapshin
Thanks to Ron White, Veronique Morency, Russ
Shot on location in Toronto and Guelph, Ontario


Spring Brings The Funk


Bottomley News Spring 2017

Spring Show

Shake off that winter funk and join us at The Bovine Sex Club on Thursday, March 30th for a funk explosion reunion party! Brainfudge All Stars will be your host, with the opening salvos being fired from Turbo Street Funk. It's a LATE SHOW with TSF on at 11pm and Brainfudge taking the stage at Midnight. $10 cover. 

Upcoming Video News

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I'm currently working on another video with DOP Russ Goozee for my song "Golden Daze". Release date will be in May. This will be the 3rd video from my CD "Bright Eye Day"

* Note: If any of you would like to use my music in any of your video presentations, give me a shout!



Happy New Year 2017!



I wish you ALL the best in health and happiness!

Here's a photo taken at The Lula Lounge, Toronto, Canada on Dec 30th/2016

With L-R - Richard Underhill on Sax, Donne Roberts on Guitar, Myself on LE Bass, Great Bob on drums (not shown)






Bottomley, Scott, Roberts & Underhill at The Linsmore July 22nd






It’s a funny thing. NOW.

It’s in the moment where I like to be.

You’ve come to the right place.


Here are some happenings so far in 2016.





~ My gospel themed song “A Better Day Will Come” appears in the feature film “The Masked Saint”. The film was just released to over 800 cinemas in North America this January. My thanks to Gary Granstaff, (Exec. Producer) and Director Warren P. Sonoda for including the song in the movie.



~ Another film I recently worked on, although in a non-music capacity, was Danny Perez’ “AntiBirth”, shot in Sudbury, Canada, and recently debuted at The Sundance Film Festival.


Here are a few reviews.





~ Here’s a link to some new live Chris Bottomley recordings at Toronto’s Lula Lounge and The Supermarket:



~ Toronto’s House Of David Gang is releasing their “Reggae Warrior Remix” - Remixes, Re - Grooves, Reconstructions of the original Reggae Warrior tracks released on NuFunk Concerts/Records. I have a song I co-wrote on it with the late drummer Raffa Dean & Nelson B.C.’s Gisto, called “Come With Me (New Brunswick Song)”. We had a fun time writing and recording it out East whilst on tour, in a beautiful farmhouse in the country provided by Jonas Colter (Evolve Festival Founder).


Check it out here:



~ Mike Severin (aka Sev Micron) was the original drummer of Toronto’s TULPA, a band I formed with him and my brother John. A few years back we wrote a song that has recently come to light called “Feel So” with me playing bass, Sev on drums and keys, and longtime friend George Guerra on lead guitar.


It’s a nice little ditty, you can listen to it here:



The Official Tulpa Bandcamp site is here:




~I’ve been writing like crazy, working on the next album of songs and have been recently collaborating with some other people on new writing projects. Keep tuned for more details coming up.



Thanks for tuning in!


Chris B.




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